Dont stress out over self assessment

With the winter fast approaching, the countdown has begun for 2017. It’s also unfortunately not long until the tax return deadline.

January is often described as the Monday of months; and that’s hardly surprising, given it’s the time your tax return is due.

If you’ve found the whole process extremely stressful this year, you’re not alone- plenty of people not only find it hard to comprehend; they have too much paperwork to deal with after the busy Christmas period. 1 in 5 people make a mistake on the form that potentially costs them money, which is the last thing needed after the spend-fest of Christmas.

That’s over 2 million people not getting the full rewards for their hard work.

Lots of people struggle with self-assessment every year.

Another fact from the HMRC is that over 10 million people need to fill in self-assessment tax forms. Older people were reported to return their tax return sooner, with those aged 65 or over less likely to miss that deadline.

If your self-assessment form is beginning to feel like an overdue piece of homework, you’re certainly not alone.

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